Our Professionals 

John J. Hentschel CRE, MAI, FRICS

John J. Hentschel CRE, MAI, FRICS is founder and Chief Executive of Hentschel Real Estate Services.  Leaders in business, government, finance, and law in the U.S. and abroad have relied on his astute skills as a real estate appraiser, counselor and advisor to make difficult decisions, solve intractable problems, and seize strategic opportunities while benefitting from his unique blend of interdisciplinary experience garnered from multiple perspectives.

Accomplished as an executive in both the public and private sectors, he has analyzed problems, made decisions, and negotiated intricate transactions from these distinctly different perspectives. His experience as a former consumer of real estate valuation and advisory services has sensitized him to client needs when providing those same services. His work as a real estate author and educator, has not only provided him with a commanding knowledge of the discipline, conferring an authoritative credibility to his expert advice and opinions, but also has infused his practice with an academic rigor that enables him to communicate even obscure concepts in understandable terms. A mixture of domestic and international assignments has facilitated his application of novel ideas and concepts observed in one market to problems and opportunities in another. As an industry leader (2025 global chair-elect of the Counselors of Real Estate) he is strategically positioned at the forefront of the profession to not only spot emerging opportunities, trends and developments, but also to develop solutions for the most intractable real estate problems. 

Although his expertise as an appraiser, expert witness and litigation strategist is often sought for large scale, unusual, or especially complex assignments, his valuation experience includes properties of virtually every type, size and complexity for use in support of litigation, financing, taxation, and business and government decision making.




Lynn Hentschel 

Lynn Hentschel is a principal of Hentschel Real Estate Services. She has over 30 years of experience appraising real estate and managing real estate related enterprises. She is responsible for the firm’s residential real estate appraisal practice and has developed, prepared, or reviewed in excess of 4,500 appraisals of residential properties and unimproved land for some of Maryland’s premier financial institutions and law firms. 

Prior to joining Hentschel Real Estate Services, she managed the Baltimore office of Western Carloading Company, a subsidiary of Transway International, a multi-modal international freight forwarding company.