"Over the years, I have been fortunate to have been able to work with John on some rather challenging and complex undertakings. Invariably, there are always very high level theoretical conversations regarding how to approach some rather esoteric real estate challenges. John always makes his case in a logical and compelling way. He is always willing to hear the other side and when convinced, easily accepts the new premise. During my career, I have met many consultants; a few have stood out in my mind. John certainly is one of these; one with a very keen mind that sees problems in a practical way, quickly breaking them down into their simplest parts and then producing solutions with copious amounts of logic, innovation, and brilliant simplicity. I know many appraisers who are CRE's. John on the other hand is very much a real estate consultant, who also happens to be an appraiser."

Franc Pigna CRE, FRICS, CMC

Managing Director

Aegir Port Property Advisors

Miami, Florida

“I regard John Hentschel as a competent and highly motivated real estate professional capable of successfully handling a wide variety of matters ranging from the broad concepts of strategy and planning down to intricate technical details. He has certainly earned my confidence and respect.”

 Richard L. Beadles, President & CEO, CSX Realty 

"Not only did you conduct yourself on the highest level of competency and thoroughness, of all of the appraisers involved in this matter, the others could not carry your briefcase."

James J. Temple Jr. Esq.

Baltimore, Maryland

"John is a multi-talented CRE who has been "battle tested" having served in leadership positions and accomplishments in Baltimore City government. His track record is filled with challenges which he approached head on with professional core competencies, insights, focus and constructive collaboration. The Gdansk engagement was driven by onerous time constraints, local technological limitations, a team that had never worked together, and a city still sensitizing itself to transformation into a democratic state. Through the entire engagement, John was the quiet "glue" who helped generate and maximize team performance. Throughout the process, John was cool under fire. He was unflappable, confident, and constructively collaborative. He is a "go to" guy for a straight shooting point of view. When John Hentschel crosses your path, you take notice! When you have the opportunity to collaborate with John, personally or professionally - you are blessed. "

Steven D. Leader CRE, President

Leader Realty Advisors Ltd.

New York, New York

“Our institutional clients have unique buildings… In these matters, John’s experience, expertise, and creativity have proven to be very valuable. Our office has a high regard for John and his work. We recommend him without reservation.”


Robert R. Kern Esq.

Gallagher, Evelius & Jones

Baltimore, Maryland

“Mr. Hentschel and his firm have proven to be very responsive to our needs. The reports submitted have been of high quality and performed on a timely basis. We recommend him without hesitation.”


Bonnie Mandly

CRT Asset Management