“Not only did you conduct yourself on the highest level of competency and thoroughness…of all of the appraisers involved in this matter, the others could not carry your briefcase.”  

James J. Temple Jr. Esq.
Law Office of James J. Temple Jr. Esq.

“I regard John Hentschel as a competent and highly motivated real estate professional capable of successfully handling a wide variety of matters ranging from the broad concepts of strategy and planning down to intricate technical details. He has certainly earned my confidence and respect.”

                                    Richard L. Beadles, President & CEO
                                    CSX Realty

“Our institutional clients have unique buildings… In these matters, John’s experience, expertise, and creativity have proven to be very valuable. Our office has a high regard for John and his work. We recommend him without reservation.”

                                    Robert R. Kern Esq. 
                                    Law Offices of Gallagher, Evelius & Jones

“Mr. Hentschel and his firm have proven to be very responsive to our needs. The reports submitted have been of high quality and performed on a timely basis. We recommend him without hesitation.”

                                    Bonnie Mandly
                                    CRT Asset Management, Inc.