What you believe says a lot about who you are and what clients can expect from you. Three bedrock principles have guided our firm since its founding in 1973:


Our goal has never been to be the largest, the fastest, the best known or the least expensive. Rather, we have always aspired to be the most reputable and best at what we do. As professionals, in our view, good is simply not enough. We are only satisfied when our performance transcends the ordinary and exceeds expectations.


In turbulent times, clients recognize the advantage of a seasoned professional. For almost four decades, clients large and small have relied on our expertise for accurate valuations, sage advice, skillful analysis, expert testimony, and creative solutions to complex real estate problems especially when the assignment is challenging or unique.


As professionals, we recognize that when the product is advice, guidance, or an expert opinion, client confidence and trust is paramount to the vitality and success of our business. Hence, the ethics and standards of practice of those professional societies with which John J. Hentschel, CRE, MAI, FRICS has affiliated and been awarded the highest designations are considered the most rigorous and respected in the world, including:

 Appraisal Institute

         RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors     The National Association of Realtors